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Our Services


Our Three - Dimensional services are design to:

Assess the Client, Coach the Client and Connect the Client

to follow on resources and communities so that coaching remains in motion. 

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Friendly Business Team
Fists in Solidarity
Strategic Assessments


After you complete your Discovery Call, you will complete a Strategic Alignment assessment that is designed to allow you to identify all of your current concerns and areas for additonal improvement. 

Executive Coaching


Once the areas for improvement are identified, the Client will purchase and accept the terms and conditions of the coaching program the selected and begin the program. All clients are required to complete weekly coaching assignments and attend all of the coaching meetings. 

Personal Development


At the conclusion of the coaching series, the client will complete a coaching feedback form, a progress assessment and receive a coaching completion binder. This binder will have resources to follow on support programs that will allow coaching to remain in motion. 

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